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The Interceptor 850 is specially designed to fulfill the most demanding interception and reconnaissance tasks where high speed and low detectability is essential for the success of the mission. The Mid-engine position balances the boat at very high speeds and also helps to reduce the infrared print due to excellent heat- and sound insulation techniques. The maintenance friendly SARO Tunnel drive combined to the 500+Hp strong V-8 Petrol or diesel engines, outperforms the competition by far.

The Interceptor 850 also serves well as a weapon platform and can be equipped with a specially designed automatic machine gun systems with thermal- and night vision sensors. A ‘Whisper mode’ can be achieved by the optional 13kw hybrid system with a battery pack. This hybrid pack also includes a 7kw generator function for auxiliary power supply or quick battery recharging capabilities.

The construction of the hull can be customized to specific tasks both in normal composite sandwich construction, but also extreme lightweight Carbon fiber sandwich construction is available.