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The basic concept of the StealthCraft boat line has been the development as highly specialized high-speed interception craft, the angular shapes that characterize our unique stealth design creates a fascinating aggressive, futuristic look. Stealth technology is a combination of shape, speed, modern reflection techniques, material choice, and sound- and heat reduction technologies. These technologies are exclusively designed for and only available to military vessels.  Mainly developed in the United States at the NASA space programs and applied applied on the well-known spy planes and invisible bombers like the F-117.

The resemblance between the lines of these fighters and the Stealth Crafts is not a coincidence. Besides the passive Stealth features, powerful Petrol or Diesel engine packages power the military-grade SARO Tunnel drive system and achieve remarkable performance.  Speed in excess of 125 km/hour adds to the fascination of a ride on board a Stealth Craft. If you are a fan of adrenaline rush, we challenge you for a ride in our latest Stealth Crafts models!


A radical departure from traditional boat design was needed to create the looks of a fearless war-machine specifically built to withstand the huge forces on the hull structure during high-speed interception operations. The highly reinforced bow section offers great ramming capabilities to those boats who need a bit of help to be stop. During these missions, the crew needs more impact- and ballistic protection than the traditional RHIBs can offer. The freeboard is usually very low at the RHIB designs and the crew is totally exposed to ‘Mother Nature’ and all pursue’s want to throw at the crew.  high freeboard of the Interceptor and optional ballistic protection system offer considerably more protection of the crew compared to RHIB designs.

The Stealth Civil boat-line is specially designed for civilian thrill-seekers who like to be identified by the ‘Bold’ military looks and the raw speed developed by these out-of-the box designed fun toys. Carbon-fiber lightweight construction combined with the latest technology in water jet propulsion turns every boat ride into an unforgettable experience. The military Stealth-Craft line is designed and built to specific client requirements to fulfill specialized tasks or perform in specific conditions. The interior of the StealthCrafts can be built modular and therefore it is very flexible in transforming the layout from troop transporter to weapon platform or high-speed tactical supply vessel.

The Stealth craft can be built according to the specific clients requests in High-Tech Epoxy Kevlar/Carbon composite, Low-cost polyester with Glass reinforcement, or even in marine grade welded Aluminum.