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Stealth HORNET

The Stealth Hornet incorporates all our latest design development in high-speed design. for, reconnaissance, interception and attack missions. Due to its High-Speed, range and 15h+ operating time it is also a very effective tool for missions in counter-terrorism, maritime surveillance, anti-smuggling operations. It’s low profile and small radar signature, makes the Stealth Hornet very difficult to detect. Optional hybrid diesel/electric propulsion enables to reduce the sound and heat signature also significantly. The hull is completely constructed from CRP with Aramide reinforcements. Optional the cabin can be armored with ballistic glass and ballistic panels to maximize the crew protection. A launch platform for aerial drones can extend the reconnaissance capabilities of the Stealth Hornet even above land targets. The drones can be controlled from a command station in the cabin from a special dedicated drone control center. A remotely operated machine gun can be installed in the compartment in front of the cabin. The gun can be stored under a watertight hatch.